Motivation Moment Monday: I’m Worth It

This segment of Motivation Moment Monday is about the new decision I made, one I believe will reshape my life–and my body. Why have I made such a decision? Because I’m worth it.

Check out what that decision is by watching the video below:


  1. I look forward to Motivational Moment Monday! This one did not disappoint. I too have been trying to get into shape. I’ve had a lot of disappointing set backs this summer with my health. It’s made it impossible to get back into the gym. But I can still try other things so thank you for reminding me that I’m worth it!

    • Nicki, I’m sorry to hear about your setbacks, but I’m glad that you still are encouraged to push forward in other things. Yes, you ARE worth it indeed! I appreciate you!

  2. Great video… Not sure what I worth anymore , just an old lady

    • Lynda, I think you know from the Word that you’re worth much, as Christ has created you in His own image and has set His seal upon you. That transcends age.

  3. I’ve been taking a more “I’m worth it” kind of approach to my health as well this past week. It’s much easier to do when everyone in one house is on the same page. No more cheesecake or red velvet cake! Well, maybe not forever….

    • Good job, Kristi! You are SO worth it, and I appreciate the encouragement you are giving me in this new phase. Whatever you choose to accomplish, girl, you’re worth it, too!

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