Motivation Moment Monday: A Message to Women about Relationships with Men

This week’s segment of Motivation Moment Monday is a very important topic for women. Men can certainly gain wisdom and motivation from it, but women especially need to see this.

Women, you are valuable, and when you link your happiness and wholeness to acquiring a relationship with a man, you’re setting yourself up for a cycle of defeat and depression. Check out how:

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  1. Excellent advice. So many women make this mistake. You must be happy be with yourself and accept your singleness before you can be whole in a relationship! God bless you!

    • Ms. Millie, that certainly is the ideal situation. Not every married person has done so, but I pray that more and more single people will know that they are not failures if they aren’t married yet.

  2. Excellent word Adrienne! Very well said.

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