#AuntAlmaGoesNational; Updated as Travel Continues

ARCBiz, a division of Adrienne Ross Communications, has been engaged the last few months in sharing the wisdom expressed by #AuntAlma, and some have even coined her “America’s favorite aunt.” The sale of mugs, T-shirts, writing utensils, and tote bags have allowed #AuntAlma to travel the nation–virtually. The map shows exactly where she has gone and where she has yet to go in the country.

You have the opportunity to be a part of taking our beloved #AuntAlma to each American state! Will you help as #AuntAlmaGoesNational? Click here to place your order, bring her to your state, and laugh a thousand laughs as you partake of the wit, wisdom, and warmth #AuntAlma shares.

***Map is a Kristi J. King creation.***


  1. Yay for your feisty adorable Aunt Alma!

  2. #AuntAlma needs to come to Kentucky!

  3. A trip to Arizona in the fall would be a warm and delightful treat for Aunt Alma… : )

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