Motivation Moment Monday: Fly Anyway

Today’s Motivation Moment Monday is not a video message, but the message is powerful nonetheless:

This old quote is as relevant today as it was when I first heard it as a teenager: “According to the law of aerodynamics, a bumblebee cannot fly. But it doesn’t know that, so it flies anyway.” I love that! It never grows old. Can you name a bumblebee or two? I’ll start: My ‪‎aunt Alma‬ was born in the South, worked in the fields, and didn’t have much. When she moved to New York, she worked hard, went to college, became a social worker, helped raise my siblings and me, retired the year I became a teacher, worships the Lord, and continues to be a blessing to many. Her beginning says she shouldn’t have been able to fly, but she flew–and flies–anyway. Therefore, I, too, fly.

Now, it’s your turn to honor a bumblebee. It could be someone you know personally or someone well-known you’ve never met or anyone in between.

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