Motivation Moment Monday…on Tuesday: Give Thanks

We are surrounded by negativity, and it seems so much easier to give in to the inclination to join that chorus than it is to sing a song of thanks.

In addition to food and family, Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to stop and reflect on reasons for which to give thanks. Perhaps you might even take time to list your reasons for being thankful. Then don’t just throw that list away. Put it on the refrigerator or on the bathroom mirror—somewhere you will see it often. Read it often, too, as a reminder of what you have going for you and why you should give thanks and have hope.

This isn’t to say that we don’t each have struggles and problems. We all do, and some are more pressing than others. But reflecting on the good helps us enjoy life and look to the positive that is before us.

I wish you more than just a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you a happy giving of thanks.

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