Adrienne Ross’s New York Open House with Book Sale and Signing

I head to New York in two weeks to speak at the commencement ceremony for Hudson City School District’s class of 2017. This graduation is special because this is the district where I spent my entire teaching career. I taught many of these students when they were in seventh grade, so to stand before them and share with them words of praise and advice as they move out into what awaits them is both exciting and humbling.

While in New York, I will host an open house and book sale/signing. This, too, is quite exciting. I look forward to seeing former students and colleagues, family, friends, and church family. If you’re in New York or any surrounding areas, stop by. Hey, travel far if you’d like! Wherever you are, you are invited to make your way to Hudson, New York!

Enjoy my brief inspirational address and book talk, browse and purchase my books, get them signed, and/or simply chat. See the flyer below for details:

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    Very exciting, Adrienne!! Looking forward to seeing you at the Opera House!!

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