AUDIOBOOK: ‘Push Your Way to Purpose’ Now Available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes

I have been awaiting the release of my audiobook. It’s here! Push Your Way to Purpose: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You’re Meant to Be became available on Tuesday—narrated by yours truly. Not only is it ready for you to purchase, but it is free when you sign up for a free Audible trial membership if you select it as your first book. Jump on this special offer! By doing so, you get both the joy of reading my book and helping me, as I earn bounties and royalties for those free downloads. It costs you nothing, yet it helps me. Let’s do this together!

Positive reviews are coming in, and now that it is on audio, it’s even easier to be inspired and entertained by this dynamic book that will motivate you no matter your age or position in life. My narration is delivered with the passion that only I, as the author, can provide. You’ll feel each word and each part of my personal story as I share valuable purpose-possessing principles.

Every one of us has a purpose. Grab Push Your Way to Purpose and be inspired to discover, excel, and enjoy yours.

Go here to get the paperback and/or the audio.

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