‘Push Your Way to Purpose’ First Audiobook Downloader Receives Free Autographed Paperback, Merchandise

As I shared on August 2, Push Your Way to Purpose is now available as an audiobook, with my narration. Right after it went live, Jennifer was the first person to download it, and she finished listening the next day, speaking highly of it.

For being the first to listen to my book, I awarded Jenny an autographed paperback copy, an autographed book plate, and an accompanying bookmark—for free.

Jenny also wrote a 5-star review, which she published on Amazon and Audible.

If you haven’t read and/or listened to Push Your Way to Purpose, you definitely want to. You can get both here.

Here’s Jenny, along with her feedback after she received her complimentary paperback:

“Look what I got! I sure do ❤️ this lady, and all that she stands for. I just don’t get to spend enough time with her. Adrienne, let’s keep each other “PUSH”ing our way to God’s Purpose for our lives!”

Read her Amazon review here.

Thank you, Jenny! Keep pushing!

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