“I thought your speech was inspirational and that you should give more speeches in other schools around the nation so you can inspire other students. You showed us who we are and you showed everyone that they’re worth more than what they think. You have no idea how many hearts you’ve touched telling someone that they are worth something to the world. Continue doing what you do best: INSPIRE.”

~Saima H., Grade 8, 13 years old

“The presentation was truly amazing and inspirational. I felt like I could really connect when Ms. Ross was speaking about fear. I am afraid of many things, but that fear is what motivates me to push through it all. I was also inspired when she spoke about making your dream come true, no matter what other people say or think.”
~Lauren, Grade 9, 14 years old

“Your speech was powerful! I think your personal testimony was the most moving part. As you know, junior high kids are tough critics; if they don’t get it or like it, they will let you know. You were very well-received, and that speaks volumes.”
~ Karen Grener-Antonelli, Teacher

“The speech was amazing! It was very motivational. You helped me realize something very important: Our lives are not about us; it’s about our dreams. You were talking about leaving a mark on someone’s life. I want you to know that you left a mark on my life.”
~Tahrima S., Grade 8, 15 years old

“The presentation about Martin Luther King by Ms. Ross today was very well done and inspirational. She made kids realize they can make a difference like Dr. King.”
Dane, Grade 10, 16 years old

“‘Inspiring,’ ‘captivating,’ ‘thought-provoking’: words I would use to describe my experience as I listened to Ms. Adrienne Ross speak. Whether you are an adult or a young person, Ms. Ross has a way of getting on your level, identifying with you, and speaking straight to your heart.”
Krista Manchuck, Teacher

“Ms. Ross was funny. She wasn’t one of those people who stays on the topic and bores you to death. She grabbed the attention of all with her stories and her comedy.”
Walter, Grade 9, 14 years old

“Ms. Ross’s presentation gave me motivation for my dreams in life and made me overjoyed to see her.”
Kayleigh M., Grade 8, 14 years old

“Ms. Ross taught us not to give up and to keep trying. She’s excellent at inspiring kids to follow their goals. I hope she goes around to other schools to inspire even more kids.”
Emily C., Grade 8, 13 years old

“Just listened to your video of the speech you did at CHS. Gave me chills!”
~ Gianna S., 19 years old

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