AuntAlma.com is your go-to place for keeping up with all things #AuntAlma. From witty words to quirky quips, you’ll get your daily dose of laughs and then some. You’ll get your fill of the strut and sass that set her apart. You’ll get a little bit of common sense, a little bit of crazy, and a whole lot of comedy.
#AuntAlma has been coined the “Black Max,” alluding to the famous character Maxine. Well, maybe, but #AuntAlma’s words, though delivered in a southern dialect, cross culture and have broad appeal. And she sure has a lot to say. No topic is exempt and no one safe from that sharp tongue of hers. It’s humor delivered in love—well, most of the time.
Adrienne Ross's first book, #AuntAlma: Raisin’ a Little Hell Heaven on Earth points out, “Ain’t nobody in Heaven raisin’ hell, but #AuntAlma ain’t there yet, so whether she’s willing to admit it or not, she’s raising her fair share right here on earth. This is the place where you can catch some of it.
Adrienne's new #AuntAlma book, #AuntAlma Unleashed: Old, Bold, and Out of Control is even funnier and has more stories and illustrations. If the first book is a taste of #AuntAlma, this one is a full-course meal. You will laugh heartily and shake your head at #AuntAlma's humor--delivered with a combination of southern dialect and New York spunk.
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